Sketches of Belonging (solo & acoustic)

by Ana Ćurčin

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released April 9, 2015

Recorded by Goran Antovic
Performed by Ana Curcin
Music and lyrics: Ana Curcin

Photo by Emma Szabo



all rights reserved


Ana Curcin Belgrade, Serbia

Ana Ćurčin is a singer and songwriter of the Belgrade music scene. She performs original songs in English. She is one of the “Best Representative local Americana scene” and her music blends elements of indie-rock and American folk. Independently, accompanied by her band or with collaborators, Ana has actively performed since December, 2012. ... more

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Track Name: Alone
Alone alone alone
Guess it’s what I am
Without you
So evident again
Stressing the emptiness
Is what I’ll do today
And if I starve from this task
I’ll regain my strength and have a drink to smoke through all the hallways that lead me nowhere
I’ll think of your eyes, can i?
And how it feels so right
Without this terror of freedom of mine
Where I can not bear all the judgements I’m spared
And once again I’ll end up in shame alone
Alone alone alone
Track Name: Remain calm
The laughs of the heart
Drift through the night
But somehow that sounds echoes with the loneliness of mine
I’m still here, sensing that breeze through the window
The sea gulls up high seem closer than the words
Of the ones passing by
So I let myself cry
Maybe some day I’ll be one of them..
Don’t get too far away
Remain calm and you may
See changes coming your way
Don’t get too far away
Remain calm and you may
See changes coming your way
What’s dear to my heart I hold on to tight
Cutting myself from the rest
Hoping the silence of mind will last
I’ll wait for my friend
Don’t get too far away
Remain calm and you may
See changes coming your way
Don’t get too far away
Remain calm and you may
See changes coming your way
Track Name: Keep quiet
I always keep quiet
Just in case
Better keep it quiet
Just in case
Since I know your thoughts reverse
And I don’t easily follow that change
If I keep it quiet
It's to ease up the chase
I hope you know that way I said what I want
I still didn’t change, I know what I want


I used to keep it quiet
Of recognition of my thoughts
I thought I couldn’t breathe if I’d speak
And everything would be lost
Including me
But I was someone else to become
Stop mingling my responsibilites
Keep quiet and not get exposed
And the fear was all I’ve got
And the fear was all I’ve got
I could’ve hid behind it
And the fear was all I've got
And the fear was all I've got
Track Name: Yield
I felt all this
I let you tear my fears
I let you hurt me dear
You were so eager to hurt intentionally
How deep can you loose wthin someone else
Whats worse than to embrace your own fears
Though your skin takes it all in
And your eyes will always say what you never will
I’ll eat up on your lies
I’ll sip up on your weaknesses you see
Pull on your tricks on me they shall bring peace
Have me as you wish, Have me as you wish
Track Name: Someday
You came a little bit too early, you came a bit to late
You came to thunder away
You came and woke up all the pain
Brought yours along with mine to bear
I’m lost yet I glide along the way
To master my restraint
Can be so hard to sustain
It will take me somewhere where I ought to belong someday
You came a little bit too early, you came a bit to late
You came to thunder through again
But you are getting away
Am I supposed to stay, somewhere near or far away?
It will take me somewhere where I ought to belong
Track Name: Communicate
I am angry and sad
Don’t wanna feel this way
'Cos it produces hurt
And that I don't wanna do
I’d just need a hug to combine it all with love and set this hurt from my heart
I think it is right when you seek solution between you two
I think it’s a very grown up thing when communication is the key
I think that me needing you is not such a bad thing for me to do

So please don’t run away
Just because I said I need you
And please, don't walk away
Just because I asked you near, just because I did
And please don’t smoke away
Please keep this care awake
And don't leave me behind
I am angry, angry and sad
It produces hurt
And maybe I am not mature enough
Maybe you are not as well
Track Name: Unknown
How good did you want to be
Knowing you deserve to be hold
More than fear you know how to have someone
When it’s right
Exactly what you want
What you recognize of love
How decisive and smart
Every your move was
Pushed me deep, pushed me deep
Into of my own, into of my own
And now I am in the middle of your road
And all you got me is the unknown
is the unknown
How do I, how do I guide my love
When I am on my own, when I am on my own
Track Name: Silence
As the silence puts me down to send my mind to rest
From all the stress that we live in
My feet so sensitive to walk any further
Your eyes lock in mine
With so much tenderness that touch defines
And I linger on between my sleep
And aggressiveness that’s nothing more than passive
I wish to shelter my peace
And you
And you
And you

These moments
These days
This sunshine